Robert Milling Studios



I have been painting for over 30 years, 17 as a decorative artist. Initially I was a realist painter living and working in Los Angeles. I painted my friends and places of the Southern California  beach world. Im a graduate of the Otis Art Institute. After getting hired on as an artist working on large murals,  I traveled the world freelancing projects to mural firms; working on casinos, hotels and large private residences. With the arrival of my two boys, I started my own shop, keeping things small and hands on and under my direct control.

I now work with designers, having been involved with the Orange County Philharmonic Design House, and lecture to design students at FIDM.

I also work extensively with archtects, builders, designers and homeowners, looking to create something unique and amazing for those wanting the extraordinary. Besides murals, my team of artists work extensively with decorative plasters, wall glazing, decorative paint finishes, hand painted ornamentation, leafing and faux marble, stone and wood.

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